Disney Pixar Cars 3

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Over the years, Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson ) has become one of the oldest racecars all through his craft. In an unexpected twist of fate, McQueen finds himself off the race tracks, sidelined by the newer generation of cars. These new models are faster, more adept on the road and are not afraid to challenge McQueen’s veteran style. Notably, a likely contender for McQueen’s unparalleled winning season is rookie Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). Storm consistently trounces the veteran’s efforts by winning some races against him. As such, McQueen has to come to terms with the fact that he is not as fast as he was before, and decides to seek help. His assistance comes from a young, eager and highly intelligent technician called Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo). 


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Following in the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet’s footsteps, Cruz trains McQueen. Throughout their sessions, she teaches the four-time Piston Cup winner a few new tricks up her sleeve to serve in contributing towards his victory. With a few twists and turns in their efforts, Cruz and McQueen seek to put him into prime racing shape. McQueen is not ready to put up his racing tires just yet, and his determination is seen throughout the film to put him back into the cars to watch throughout Piston Cup’s grand stage. The duo, filled with a lot of heart, set out to prove to the racing world that old still is gold. 



Director:  Brian Fee
Actor:  Owen Wilson
Genre: Animation, Family
Details: US / TBC mins / Cert TBC

Rlease date in Ireland 14th July 2017


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