The boss baby

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Narrator Timothy Templeton (Toby Maguire) recalls his life as a seven-year-old boy when he mainly lived his life having fun with his parents. He pictures a life that is just the three of them forever. However, his father Ted (Jimmy Kimmel) and mother Janice (Lisa Kudrow) have other plans. These are shown when Tim is being tucked into bed one night, and his mother asks him whether he would like a younger brother. Tim, however, gives a negative response to this sentiments. It is then that we see that Janice is pregnant. 

Soon after, a baby wearing a suit appears in a taxi outside Tim’s house. Thereafter, Tim learns that the infant is his younger brother, and Janice and Ted shower him with attention. With the spotlight shifted from Tim, he grows jealous of the baby and is suspicious of the infant’s odd behavior around him. With time, Tim discovers that the baby can talk just like a grown up (voiced by Alec Baldwin). The child introduces himself to Tim as ‘The Boss Baby.' Afterward, Boss Baby has Tim suck on a pacifier that transports them to Baby Corp, a secret organization whose workers are babies with adult-like minds that works to preserve the love people have for infants worldwide.  Boss Baby explains that he has been sent to infiltrate Tim’s residence so as to find out why puppies are gathering more love than babies. The investigation leads them to work harder to overcome the rivalry between infants and puppies, getting over their antagonism along the way.



Director:  Tom McGrath
Actors:  Alec Baldwin,  Jimmy Kimmel,  Lisa Kudrow,  Steve Buscemi,  Tobey Maguire
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Details: US / 97 mins / G
Release Date7th April 2017

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