Wooden Toys

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Personalised Wooden Letter Train With Name A-Z - SF-074881

Short forms or complete names can be created. These trains are compatible with the well-known wooden..


Small Foot Big Wooden Railway - SF-1001

This amazing wooden town with its own railway, houses, stations, cars, busses, road signs and much m..


Small Foot Business Class Car Park - SF-10343

Three exits, a crank lift and the wide road make this strong car park a real eye-catcher. The railwa..


Small Foot large Wooden Railway - SF-010904

The starter set of the wooden railway sets. The right track for children that have just discovered f..


Small Foot Magnetic Wooden Train - SF-046307 Out Of Stock

Small Foot Magnetic Wooden Train - SF-046307

Engine and carriages with magnetic connection parts for a high play value.Dimensions approx: ..


Small Foot Ring Throwing Game - SF-082367

5 lacquered pins should be plugged on the blind fitting cross made of untreated pine and with the si..


Small Foot Wooden Bow And Arrows Archer Set - SF-047281

Bamboo bow incl. 4 arrows with suction cups, spare bowstring, plastic sheet with bull‘s-eye target i..


Small Foot Wooden Car Park Station - SF-8540

This parking garage provides great fun in the smaller space with 4 vehicles (6 x 4cm), a helicopter,..


Small Foot Wooden Crane and Transporter - SF-10161 Out Of Stock

Small Foot Wooden Crane and Transporter - SF-10161

This wooden container port is made from the Eco material and is safe to play for your kids. In the s..


Small Foot Wooden Crossbow-Pistol - SF-050366

With target and two arrows. A piece of equipment for young and "older" children. Practice makes the ..


Small Foot Wooden Letter puzzle - SF-4767

Learn the alphabet in a playful way with this wooden puzzle. The pre-shaped place markers already su..


Small Foot Wooden Motorail Train - SF-070067

 Dimensions approx: approx. 48 x 7 x 12 cm Material: wood Recommended minimum age: From 3..


Small Foot wooden Pirate Pistol "Hook" - SF-036186

For pirates without a hook hand who can‘t only hold a sword.Dimensions approx: 28 x 10 x 5 cm..


Small Foot Wooden Road Traffic With Vehicles - SF-3492

The proper behavior on the road is very important. This traffic puzzle playfully explains what is go..


Small Foot Wooden Train with Cars - SF-024817

 Dimensions approx: approx. 34 x 4,5 x 5 cm Material: wood Recommended minimum age: From ..