Fidget spinners

Shopping around for toys which are both fun and clever? Try flash fidget spinners! These funky little gadgets provide a great entertainment for all ages and not only that! They can also help to improve your motoric skills and the ability to concentrate. Simple yet challenging they can keep you and your little ones entertained for hours. Guess which one will spins the longest, do competitions to test your spinning skills and if you really want to impress your friends learn some of the popular fidget spinner tricks! Start with the easier ones such as spinning and tossing it over from one hand to another or you can also toss the spinner to the air and catch it by the middle to set it in motion or challenge yourself and try placing the spinner on the top on your nose while it’s moving. Fidget spinners in Ireland are a perfect choice if you want to be original. Take your pick from our range of eye-catching shapes and sizes to match your personal style. Lightweight and pocket-size they are are extremely easy to store and carry around. Ideal companions for trips, play dates or chilling out on a lunch break. Also there available fidget cubes for relieves stress and anxiety for children and adults. Buy premium quality fidget spinners and cubes now, at Characters Textile Ireland.

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Fidget Spinner Glow in the Dark - GTD-1223 -50%

Fidget Spinner Glow in the Dark - GTD-1223

Give your children a cool alternative to PC games. With these funky fidget spinners  that glow in th..

4.95€ 2.48€

Five Pointed Star Fidget Spinner - FPS-1223 -50%

Five Pointed Star Fidget Spinner - FPS-1223

Simple yet great fun, fidget spinner can quickly become a no.1 toy for both big and small. Learn the..

3.90€ 1.95€